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Quick Details

Adult 12+ years old

Yoga on the water with Green Blue Yoga’s Julie Pujol

SUP Yoga is accessible to everyone, mostly sitting or kneeling variations of traditional poses to build up your confidence, allowing you to find comfort and stability.

The class sequence is built to be safe for everyone and keep you above the water, with an option to try more adventurous postures at the end of the class.

The class starts with a very short paddle to the anchor line where the boards are secured for the duration of the session. This way you can sit and enjoy the views, the gentle swing of the water, and take a very special moment to come back to your true self 💙

For advanced yogis you can also try the full asana, and notice how you will feel your points of support so much more than when practicing on Earth.

As always, the practice ends in savasana (lying down relaxation) giving you the chance to be carried and gently cradled by the sea, looking straight up at the sky 🌍

Requires minimum 4 people to run.

Suitable for competent swimmers aged 12+