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Meet our Interns


Anna Kellagher

I recently graduated with a Hons degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography. I have a long standing passion for Climbing and Snorkelling on the West coast of Ireland, and providing opportunities for children to interact with, and learn about, their local natural environment.

Pauline Breton

Hello! I am Pauline Breton, a 21 years old French engineering student. I come from Brittany in France, and am currently in my 4th year studying Biotechnologies and Biochemistry at INSA Lyon: a French engineering school. I want to work in marine biology later, and that is why I am doing my end of the year internship here at Sea Synergy.

Sophie Harley

I am currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth. I have a deep love and respect for the ocean which continuously increases, and I am passionate about educating people on our ocean’s importance and need for conservation. I am an avid kickboxer and enjoy open water swimming and various volunteering activities. I love travelling and have solo backpacked around many countries in Asia and Europe. 

Mackenzie Bodyfelt

I am an Honours student studying Zoology and Marine Biology at Oregon State University. I was born and raised on the Pacific Coast of the United States in Oregon where a love of all things marine was fostered. My last three years of study have only made that love for the ocean and all the world’s creatures stronger and motivated me to find ways to promote their conservation. 

James O’Sullivan

Hello, I am James O’Sullivan. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Rhode Island as an animal science major with the hopes to one day become a veterinarian. I’ve always had a love for nature and animals which led me to do my part in supporting conservation efforts and educating people on the importance of the ocean and the environment. 

Fun fact: I’m from New Jersey.