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Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme at Sea Synergy

Since 2016, Sea Synergy has been working with the Marine Institute on the Explorers Education Programme for primary schools in Kerry, a programme which has been very successful and well-received by schools around the country. The programme is fully funded by the Marine Institute.

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Our mission

The Explorers Education Programme provides engaging activities, resources and support for teachers, children and the education network, delivering ocean literacy to primary schools.

We inspire children and educators to become marine leaders and ocean champions by promoting our marine and maritime identity and heritage, as well as making informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.

We communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way, increasing the awareness and understanding of Ireland’s marine biodiversity, the environment, as well as the opportunities and social benefits of our ocean wealth.

Additional Information:

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Ocean Literacy: The Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Ocean Sciences for Learners of All Ages.

Get Involved with Sea Synergy!

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Project Modules

Sea Synergy focuses on three modules: Irish Whales and Dolphins, Irish Marine Biodiversity, and Ocean Literacy. The project modules include a presentation, demonstration, and in-class experiments led by our Education Officers. Following this, the class has 4 weeks to develop a project centred around the subject. In the past, projects have ranged from posters, presentations, and skits to shoebox dioramas and more.

In-Class Aquariums

We help set up an in-class aquarium where the class keeps a small aquarium with seashore animals (starfish, crabs, anemones, fish, etc.). The children will learn all about these animals that are commonly found in rock pools around Ireland as well as be responsible for feeding them and cleaning the filters for the tank.

Seashore Safaris

The final module Sea Synergy offers is a Seashore Safari module, which is a full-day (4-hour) trip to the seashore. During this field trip, students will have the chance to play ocean education games on the shore, look for animals in the rock pools, learn about the effects of marine litter, make beach art, and more!

Due to the high demand of this programme, we ask that interested teachers fill out the Letter and application to participate below.

If you’re interested in getting your school involved in the Explorers Education Programme, please contact us using the form below.

Explorers Education Programme

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The children loved seeing the creatures and shells – some children never get taken to the seaside or beach. We loved every workshop. The projects were great for their confidence & learning. – Teacher, Lisselton NS.


This was a very worthwhile experience for the children. They really engaged with the content and deepened their understanding of marine life. It was a very enjoyable learning experience. –  Teacher, St. Finian’s NS.


Thank you for providing this service, it’s highly valuable. The children have huge respect & interest in marine life & the ocean now after the programme. –Teacher, Lisselton NS.


Course was excellent – looking forward to the Seashore Safari! – Teacher, Glenderry NS.