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Sea Synergy is a Marine Awareness and Activity Center that offers a unique and interactive marine wildlife and heritage exhibition, as well as a variety of meaningful activities, workshops, and adventures that empower all ages. Sea Synergy’s immersive experiences in the Skellig Coast’s rich local heritage and environment allow our clients to fully experience what Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way has to offer!

Guided tours and adventures are provided by marine biologists and local specialists to facilitate a greater connection to nature and the local area. We have a variety of fun and educational workshops and activities such as Seashore Safaris, guided snorkeling, guided stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, boat tours,  village heritage walks, island visits, mindfulness in nature meditations, which are open to all ages and aim to give participants a closer connection to nature.

Our Mission is to create meaningful experiences in nature for individuals or groups which are tailored to their needs and enable them to discover the rich diversity of Ireland’s environment and Wild Atlantic Way in a fun and memorable way.


Lucy Hunt Founder

Lucy Hunt is a marine biologist with a Joint Hons degree in Marine biology and Zoology and a Masters in Marine Environmental Protection. She has been running marine awareness and education workshops and activities for all ages for over 15 years. In 2014, she founded Sea Synergy to help raise awareness of the importance of the ocean and encourage others to fall in love with the ocean and to help protect it. Lucy has been nominated as an Ashoka Changemaker, an Ocean Hero, and Kerry Businesswoman of the Year. Additionally, her work on ocean health and plastic pollution has been recognized by HRH Prince Charles. Lucy has managed and created international marine education projects inspiring over 100,000 people to engage in positive action for the Ocean such as the Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Education program 2017-18.

Lucy is an avid scuba diver and loves doing anything in on or under the ocean. Although she has been to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Kinabalu, and Carrantuohill to test her hiking abilities, she is still trying to decide if she loves hiking as much as she loves her ocean adventures. She enjoys traveling but her favorite thing is coming home to the Kingdom of Kerry taking a walk on her local beach and introducing her home environment to as many people as possible, creating a connection with nature and an understanding of the intricacies of what it offers.

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Damian Foxall Director

Irish sailor Damian Foxall has competed in ten round-the-world races, resulting in numerous world records and four round the world titles. He has subsequently been described as a national hero and Ireland’s top international sailor and attended a reception at the Presidential Residence in Ireland. Damian’s experience in the marine industry ranges from competing as an athlete to coaching and project management.

Damian’s true appreciation for the natural environment stems from his childhood experiences growing up on the Southwest coast of Ireland. Later in life, he pursued a career working offshore in all of the world’s oceans. He works as a marine consultant across multiple platforms and disciplines to highlight the importance of ocean health, most recently during the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, Damian worked for Vestas 11th Hour Racing as sustainability manager promoting ocean health as part of the team’s conservation strategy. Damian is a regular public speaker for business, education, and media platforms in both English and French. Damian’s skill as an outdoor adventure guide and expedition leader is put to good use at Sea Synergy.

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Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules Operations Manager

Aoibheann is a Master Scuba Instructor with an Hons degree in Marine Science. She has spent most of her diving years in the Philippines with marine conservation NGOs. She first found her love of the sea growing up along the coast of NW Ireland spending her summers in or around the ocean.

One of the most important aspects of her work has been, as well as teaching students how to dive, to educate and guide them towards connecting and becoming ambassadors of the underwater world.

Aside from training environmentally responsible role models, she has an abiding passion for photographing the delicate structures of coral reefs and marine life. She shares the beauty of the marine environment through her website using it to educate, to spread awareness and to highlight the importance of marine ecosystems (

Aoibheann is also the co-author of the bi-lingual children’s book ‘Ocean Adventures with Cory’. This is a project focussing on ensuring that ocean literacy is accessible to the local communities, in the Philippines, who rely on the marine environment for their livelihood.

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Gráinne Allen Education and Activities Officer

Gráinne first dipped her toe in the water when kayaking on family holidays and attending sailing courses in the local club. Since then she has sailed to Wales and Iceland and worked as an instructor for 4 years at home in County Wicklow and trí Ghaeilge in the Mayo Gaeltacht. Gráinne also loves windsurfing and is a recent convert to paddleboarding and snorkelling.

Gráinne’s literal and figurative immersion in the world of water sports inspires her to look after the ocean and the wider environment so that it will be there for future generations of all species. She has volunteered on a Little Tern conservation project and taken part in several local climate outreach actions. She is passionate about outdoor education, believing the best way to learn about the environment is to spend time outdoors.

Driven to understand more about the world around us, Gráinne recently obtained a degree in experimental physics. She is putting it to good use by learning everything she can about marine biology.

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