Sea Synergy Marine Awareness & Activity Centre
Blogging all summer long

Blogging all summer long

By Mel McGuinness

I have always been passionate about the sea and marine life.
My experience as an intern with Sea Synergy has allowed me to share my passion for the ocean with so many people.
My interaction with  members of the public through the Sea Synergy exhibition and activities has give me many opportunities to learn and grow. Being part of the Sea Synergy team has given me the opportunity to have new experiences and adventures eg a boat journey to the Skelligs and water activities such as Stand Up paddle boarding, kayaking and sea safari.
I am finding out in more detail the negative impact human activity is having on the health of the ocean. Seeing first hand the fascinating solutions to prevent further damage to and improvements of ocean health has been very educational.
I am now inspired to educate myself further about marine environmental issues and how I might make a difference. The Plastic Free July initiative and how it was promoted at Sea Synergy empowered me to become more aware and active in my life around plastic use. It also inspired me notice and pick up plastic on my beach walks, I’m encouraging others to do this too.
In all Sea Synergy has been very interesting for me.

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