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ERASMUS Experience with Sea Synergy

ERASMUS Experience with Sea Synergy

We had the pleasure of hosting two awesome French students this March! Here is a snapshot of their time with Sea Synergy:


“My name is Lisa Catala, l am 18 years old, and I am living in France. Currently finishing a GMNF high school degree ( wilderness area  management), I had the great opportunity to be in Ireland for 3 weeks with Sea Synergy thanks to the Erasmus program. This experience has made me grow professionally and at a personal level. The people I had the chance to work with were passionate professionals, I am so thankful for all they taught me. It was a full immersion into wilderness. I have studied seals, dolphins, sea birds, eggcases of rays and sharks, and a large amount of shellfishes. The biotope and biocenosis were very different from the one I am used to. It was a fantastic personal experience and I thank everyone involved so much. Thanks Sea Synergy!” – Lisa


“Hello, my name is Adrien. I’m seventeen, and I live in Gaillac. My internship is in Ireland at Sea Synergy. I flew from Toulouse to Dublin. I study at the college at Saint Sernin sur Rance in France. I study species and environmental management. My internship lasted three weeks. At Sea Synergy, I was able to participate in seal tracking, seabirds, ray eggcases and clean the beach. Thanks Sea Synergy for this internship!” – Adrien

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