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orange and brown crab

by Paula Farias Garcia

Hi all! My name is Paula and I am an intern at Sea Synergy. I am from Madrid and I just finished my undergraduate in the UK in Biological Sciences and my main interest is Marine Biology. I was very lucky to get a position this summer in this incredible place of Ireland, Waterville. Here, I have the chance to improve people’s knowledge about the ocean and how we can take care of it without harming the marine environment and its interesting habitats. I spend some time kayaking or doing paddleboarding in lake Currane too! Having such a diverse team of interns allows me to meet new people from all over the world!

When I first arrived here, it took me a little longer to get to this remote location (exactly 4 hours of bus, and one change!) and as soon as I put a foot on the ground, it started raining! Some of you might think “this is a sign that is not going to be good”. I went straight to the shop to meet my workmates and then home to have a long sleep to recharge my batteries (highly needed!). It was not the first time I was in Ireland, and I had forgotten how beautiful is this country, but I remembered: green everywhere you look, breathtaking sceneries and some blue from the sea and the sky. Who wouldn’t enjoy some fresh air in the forestry Ireland?

It’s been almost three weeks since I am here, and I have done and learned so many things: environmental workshops, sustainability talks, and seminars, seashore safaris, snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sea summer camps… I have learnt about the identification of shore animals, different types of edible seaweed and even marine mammals and migratory animals. I can’t imagine what is going to come next, but challenge accepted!